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About ADZE

ADZE, whose main office is in Istanbul, began its activity in 1996, is constantly updated and developing. By following the fashion and having all styles from A to Z, ADZE from 2010 continues to work by adding new brands to its products. Adze has been working with domestic and foreign (24 countries) world-famous brands for more than 40 years, providing quality service.

We have been cooperating with some companies for more than 10 years. Products offered for sale at www.adze.com are original. Imitation, replica, copy, second quality and / or defective products are not sold. The products are manufactured by the manufacturer and supplied by Adze. We strive to provide maximum useful information about the products being sold. Adze will continue its existence in the future as one of the most important players in the accessible fashion industry.

ADZE, having created a dynamic, experienced, happy and innovative place for the work of its experienced and team spirit staff, strives to become a well-known brand all over the world.

Our Mıssıon

As an open company to innovation, to renew ourselves every day for you, ‘ the best solution with the newest service' is our most important element  we will not give up and our mission. Satisfaction of users' requirements, both under the contract and in a timely manner, ensuring the satisfaction of users.

Our Vısıon

With the slogan "the demands of tomorrow must be observed today," producing products that ensure the right price / quality ratio, meet the expectations of consumers with a wide range of products at the highest level and enrich the experience with users.

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