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Confidentiality & Security


Alfamet Textile Industry And Foreign Trade Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Adze.com" Sti. in principle, to protect the privacy of visitors to internet pages. For this reason, while this confidentiality statement uses our internet pages, it explains what information about the users is received by Adze.com, how they are used and protected. It also tells you how to verify the correctness of this information within the framework of this confidentiality statement and how you can ensure that this information is deleted by contacting Adze.com if you so wish.

Adze.com shall take all necessary measures to ensure that such information is processed and used in accordance with existing and valid data protection regulations. This confidentiality statement does not apply to other internet pages linked from Adze.com internet pages.


The information to be used and processed for a particular person is only possible if this person enters or expressly consents to the data at his will. Data entry or expressly consenting to this issue is an indication that the person agrees with the following terms.

When you visit our web pages, some information required by system administration, statistics and backup applications will be automatically stored on our servers. These include the name of your internet service provider, your IP address in some cases, the version of your internet explorer software, the operating system of the accessed computer, the internet page that leads you to us, the other internet pages you visit while you are on our internet pages, and the search words you use to find our internet pages.

Depending on the situation, such data can lead to some conclusions about the visitors to the internet pages. However, no personal information will be used in this framework. This type of personal data can only be used by anonymizing.

If Adze.com directs this data to an external service provider, the technical and organizational processes necessary to transfer data within the framework of existing statutory regulations on data security will be carried out.

In the event that you provide your personal information at your own discretion, Adze.com undertakes to use, process or transmit such information within the limits set forth in the law or in the statement of consent of the visitor.

Such transfer of personal information to a third party shall be the subject only if it is foreseen by the judicial or administrative authorities or if the requirement to make a statement is prescribed by law.

Possible changes to this confidentiality declaration will be published on this page. In this frame, you will be kept informed about what information is stored and how it is used.


Adze.com keeps your information securely. It therefore takes all necessary precautions to protect the information in question against any loss, misuse or alteration.

Adze.com is obliged to keep contractual partners, who have access to your information in order to provide you with the necessary service, to keep this information confidential and not to use it for any other purpose within the framework of your contractual obligations.

In some cases, your personal information will need to be shared with Adze.com group companies. In these cases your information will be confidential.


Adze.com uses cookies to make it easier to use these websites, except for the original information sent to you in the cookie. Thus, it is possible that we can serve you better when you return to our internet pages.

Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on a user's computer to allow the aggregation and aggregation of aggregated data for the purpose of identifying the ongoing users of the internet pages and facilitating their access to the internet pages and for improving and improving the contents of the internet pages.

Cookies are used to provide you with appropriate and original services or information for your needs and interests. The session control information available in cookies will make your internet pages easier and faster to use, and will allow you to experience your internet experience in the best possible circumstances. Personal information is not stored or disclosed in cookies on our Internet pages.

By making the necessary adjustments in your internet browser you can delete pre-loaded cookies as well as prevent future cookies from being installed. However, we would like to emphasize that it may be necessary for cookies to work properly and fulfill certain functions of our web pages.

By using these internet pages you agree to be bound by this Adze.com privacy statement. If you do not accept Adze.com's privacy statement, please do not use our internet pages. Adze.com reserves the right to change the privacy statement at will, remove portions or add new sections at any time. Your continued use of our web pages following changes to this privacy statement is a commitment that you accept the changes to this privacy statement.


The stored information will be deleted by Adze.com when the legal or contractual filing period expires or Adze.com is no longer needed. However, of course, you can request that your information be deleted at any time. You may also withdraw your consent to use or process your personal information at any time in the future. In such cases or for any other questions concerning your personal information you may contact us by e-mail or telephone. You can use the same method for us to keep your information and ask questions about its usage. You can be confident that we will do all the hard work we can to answer your wishes instantly.


1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, United States of America. (Facebook) plugin link to my Facebook page social network. These links may be like Facebook's like button. When you enter one of our internet pages with such an attachment, your internet browser connects directly to your Facebook server and the attachment is displayed on the screen. The plugin link notifies the Facebook server which Adze.com internet page you are visiting. If you are a Facebook member and you login to your Facebook user account while visiting Adze.com internet pages, Facebook will store this information in your Facebook user account. If you use one of the functions of the plugin connection (for example, click on the thumbs button or comment), this information will also be stored in your Facebook user account.

Information about Facebook's aggregation and use of information, as well as information about your rights to protect your personal information and possibilities in this context, is on the Facebook "Data Protection Information" page. If you do not want your Facebook account information to be saved on your Adze.com internet pages, log out of your Facebook user account before visiting Adze.com internet pages.
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